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"It's a Door yes you will need a Red access card to open it -I will show you one of those later but you are not ready to have one yet. Inside this room we store the Weapons, we have a little trouble containing the tech but don't worry your suit can take it, just don't lick the suit afterward haha"

"But if you look on the left it's actually more organized"

"Here we have a skull ready to be transferred"

"Here in the first room on the right is our containment unit this is where we store the Skulls and prepare them to be sent out for further research, it looks messy at first glance I know!"

"Grab a hazmat suit over there and I will show you around! you have already seen where one of our main power generators is that room is in dire need of a renovation, to be honest, the whole basement creeps me a bit out. But the other top levels are in better shape!"

"Let's go down this hallway and have a look"

[The dinner hall]  "Here it is, nothing too fancy but its cozy and the food is good"

"There is actually not so much more I can show you on this or the top level due to your authorization level. So I guess we just head up there straight away we can take the elevator up, that way I'm sure you don't catch a glimpse of something you are not allowed to see"

"This is the central command center, it works much better now when we have a better signal thanks to you, so thank you for helping out with that again! There should be a red access card on the table if you were curious"

"It's amazing how far we have come with this tech even our access cards are high-tech now. Its infused with a small dose of the Nanites, Yes, the same nanites that are coded to self-destruct when the host dies, I can't tell you how [Classified] but we managed to reprogram a small live sample. so now we have a bulletproof security system, you wouldn't believe how much data you can store in just one nanite"

This is our shooting range we deployed a stable black hole to take care of the effects from the weapons since the first shot is always uncharged territory! 9/10 times we fire a weapon the blast is a surprise!

The first thing you see when entering the Weapons room is one of the weapon anti-gravity shelves, the weapons are kept hovering both for safety and for ease of use!

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